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Create a Surreal Snail with a Grassy Shell in Photoshop

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a fantasy scene featuring a little girl riding a snail. You’ll learn how to combine different stock photos and textures using a range of photo manipulation techniques. You’ll learn also how to work with group, enhance lighting, create depth of field and more

Create a Snail

For this tutorial, you are going to create a snail from scratch. You will learn how to use gradients and how to draw Bezier curves and straight lines

Modeling A Snail

I always love Pixar’s movie, including Flushed Away, 3D movie with Stop Motion looks. In that film, there’s a little creature, a snail, that really grab my attention. The snail has very simple design, but appealing. In this tutorial, you will going to create snail like in Flushed Away The Movie. This tutorial divided into

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