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Making Of The Worm

This scene was created using Cinema 4D and was done as follows. Please note that the models shown are not the models in the final render

How to Create The Lenny Toy

Take a look at the latest tutorial, this time around i make Lenny, this is the first model in a new tutorial series

Modeling, Texturing, Shading and Rendering the iPhone in Maya

Hey all, as you know we recently wrapped up our iPhone 4S series for 3D Studio Max and today we’re kicking off a brand new one just for the Maya users. Shaun Keenan answered your call for a Maya version and put together a fantastic in-depth, beginner friendly tutorial where you’ll learn how to Model,

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Making of Eames Office

Eames Office is a personal project to study techniques. Eames, Charles Ormond Eames, Jr (1907-1978) and Bernice Alexandra “Ray” Eames (1912-1988) were a couple of American designers, authors of contributions Significant and notable for architecture and modern furnishings, with extensive work in the fields of industrial and graphic design, fine arts and cinema. During the 50s, the

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Create A High Poly Steampunk Guitar In 3D Studio Max

In this intermediate to advanced level tutorial, you’ll learn how to model an interesting high poly steampunk inspired guitar using a variety of tools and subdivision modeling techniques in 3D Studio Max. Grab the reference image and get started now!

Modeling A Futuristic Bolt Gun In 3D Studio Max

In this tutorial we are going to model a futuristic bolt gun using different poly modeling techniques and tools inside 3D Studio Max. You’ll learn how to avoid mesh errors when smoothing high poly objects by adding supporting edges and more

Modeling A High Poly Fantasy Inspired Axe In 3D Studio Max

In this tutorial we are going to create a very cool stylized axe model completely inside 3D Studio Max. We are going to use different modelling techniques and primitive objects to create the model as well as some interesting positioning tricks to arrange some of the model’s elements

Sculpting Clothing & Accessories For A Toon Soldier Character Using ZBrush

In today’s tutorial Shaun Keenan will take you through the process of sculpting clothing and accessories for a toon soldier character using Zbrush. This is a must watch for anyone interested in learning how to create detailed cloth or clothing for their characters. Over the course of this tutorial you’ll learn how to approach various

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Create a 3D Micro Robotic Insect in ZBrush

This week, Cgtuts+ has teamed up with our sister site Psdtuts+ to bring you this amazing two part, in-depth tutorial from Nacho Riesco. In this tutorial we are going to sculpt a Micro Bionic Insect with chemical war purposes using simple hard-surface modelling techniques with the Clipping Brush, Masking and much more. Head over to Psdtuts+ for the conclusion

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Modeling And Rendering A Simple Robot In Maya Using V-Ray

In this tutorial Sansar Tripathi will show you how to build a very simple robot in Maya using basic poly modeling techniques. With the model complete he’ll move on to setting up and applying procedural materials and explain the settings to use when rendering in Maya with Vray for fast test renders, as well as

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