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Create Detailed Spa Stones and Flowers in Adobe Illustrator


Are you seeking inspiration and inner peace? Do you want to relax and enjoy your day? This tutorial is right for you! Feel calm and relaxed as you draw a minimalistic spa scene with basic shapes in Adobe Illustrator, and learn some easy yet spectacular tricks to create a semi-realistic look. Take a deep inhale and

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Spring Blossoms Text Effect


This tutorial will show you a simple way to create the illusion of flower blossoms using selections, work paths, and simple brushes with a couple of different blend modes and layer styles

Create Cool Typography Using Paths


In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to create some “cool” custom typography. Let’s get started!

Quick Tip: Create a Pretty Bouquet of Flowers with Adobe Illustrator


In this tutorial you will learn how to create a bouquet of pretty flowers, using only Art Brushes and and the Gradient Mesh Tool. You will find that the techniques learnt in this Quick Tip will help you craft a variety of flowers and decorative elements. Let’s get started!

Create a Beautifully Animated Faux 3D Flower Scene


In this tutorial you will learn how to create and animate a beautiful and fully animatable 3D flower that can be the star or simply a design element of any motion graphics piece

Create a Flowerpot From Scratch in Photoshop


In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a flowerpot from scratch using several techniques in Photoshop

Design Thai-Styled Angelic Artwork From Ordinary Photos


I really like the rainbows and compositions combined from flowers and beautiful women, so today we will be making a composition titled “Welcome to Thailand”. We will make a combination based on 3 simple photos, work with Curves, Brushes, Layer Styles and Blending options. This tutorial is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users

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Geometric Flower Effect Logo in Illustrator


In this tutorial I will show you how I made this nice logo for one of my clients in Czech Republic. Feel free to use it as inspiration, but please do not copy it in any form. All copyrights belong to the owner whom I made it for. Last but not least, please excuse Czech

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How to Create a Mesh Flower in Illustrator


In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to create a flower with Illustrator’s mesh tools and opacity masks. With these tools you have a high-degree of control and can create realistic looking illustrations. Let’s get started!

Super Easy and Cool Flower Text Effect in Photoshop


In this tutorial I will show you how to create a very simple but at the same time really cool effect in Photoshop. We will use some stock photos and just play around with them, also we will pay with some Layer Styles and brushes