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Create a Fire and Rust Text Effect Using the Flame Filter in Adobe Photoshop CC

The Flame Generator filter in Adobe Photoshop CC is a new feature that’s designed to render realistic flames on user-defined paths. This tutorial will show you how to style and texture a rusty text, then add some flames using the filter, along with some other smoke and sparks textures to create a vibrant flaming text

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How to Apply Filters and Effects in Pixelmator

Pixelmator is an easy-to-use, fast, and powerful image editing app for the Mac. In this tutorial, we will explain everything you need to know about working with and applying filters and effects to your images using the Effects Browser in Pixelmator. In the process, we will show you how to sharpen your images, how to apply

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Use Photoshop CS6’s Tilt-Shift filter

Ben Secret explains an innovative approach to saturation and creates a miniature model village

Create Stone Text Inside Water Using The Filter Gallery

In this Awesome Photoshop tutorial, i’m going to show you how to create a cool Stone Text Inside Water. But you can also use these techniques to create pretty cool textures. Have fun

Create Custom Filters Using the Pixel Bender Toolkit

Hi, once again, my name is André and in this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how to create custom filters with the Pixel Bender Toolkit, then use them with Flash CS4 to output .pbj files

Getting to Grips with the Vanishing Point Filter

These two tutorials are simple guides about using Photoshop’s Vanishing Point filter in photo editing. We’ll learn some of the basics about making selections, cloning areas, and pasting images into the vanishing point filter window. This is a beginner level tutorial that will help you master the basics on this topic

Achieve HDR Style Effects Using Photoshop and the Lucis Art Filter

Hey everybody! In this tutorial, I’ll show you some great techniques to achieve HDR effects. There are a lot of different techniques out there, but I prefer to use this specific filter called LucisArt. Soon there will be a new and better release called Lucis Pro. Till then we’ll use this one. You can buy

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Photoshop’s Filters

Filters are used to change the appearance of an image, layer or selection in Photoshop. In this tutorial, I’ll introduce you to some common filters, and show you how to use them

Mysterious Lighting Effect Tutorial for Photoshop

Here’s a nifty little lighting effect that we can create in Adobe Photoshop using the Lighting Effects filter. It’s a really simple way to give a flat graphic some flare!

Comparing Filters in Flash

In this tutorial, we’ll create a filter program which will allow the user to apply different filters to an image, change intensity levels and compare the original and filtered images. We’ll also be using components for our controls