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Cylindrical Tubes Illustration and Graphic Design


In this Episode we will be working on Origin graphic design. To get this, first create a cylindrical tube from the ellipse using the Extrude & Bevel option. Then we will duplicate multiple numbers of tubes by setting centre to the origin. We will add shadows, textures & Pattern to give a dynamic look. Check

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Quick Tip: Make a Cut Out Gift Tag with Adobe Illustrator & InDesign


This is a fun little project for beginner Illustrator users who are just finding their way with the Pen Tool and feel much more comfortable using shapes and lines. This Candy Cane tag is made using an Ellipse, the Pathfinder Tools, and a custom made brush

How to Create a Shiny, Vector Laptop


In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a laptop in Illustrator using basic tools like the Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool, Pen Tool and others. We’ll construct the overall shape, keyboard, laptop monitor, and more