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Adjust the Color Properties of an Image Using ActionScript 3

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use AS3 to create an RIA that can modify the color properties of an image, such as Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation. Read on!

HDR Tone Mapping with Layers in Photoshop

Create natural looking HDR tone mapped images in Photoshop with editable layers. This tutorial is an improved version of our Layered HDR Tone Mapping Photoshop tutorial from 2007. This new technique is capable of the same results but with a significantly smaller file size. We also added additional techniques to improve sharpness and contrast for

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High Contrast Black & White Ad

It seems like cool black and white photo effects are all the rage lately. Movie posters, magazine ads and album covers have all sported this effect with great results. In this Photoshop tutorial I’ll show you how to create this effect using Channels

Create a High Contrast, Artistic Portrait

This tutorial will teach you how to take your photos and transform them into a high-contrast work of art. You’ll be creating a photo montage, using a combination of selection techniques and layer masking

How to Effectively Use Contrast, Auto Levels, and Batch Processing

It goes without saying that everyone here has adjusted the contrast and levels in a picture. This tutorial will show you a way of safely using Auto Levels and a better way to adjust the contrast. All this can be built into an Action Script that can be turned into a droplet for drag and

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The Brads – Learning About Contrast in Design

In this comic, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of contrast, which is an important part of design. This comic touches on key areas of contrast like grayscale, tints, readability of text, along with examples and fun explanations. Enjoy this informative comic strip!