Quick Tip: How to Draw a Stylized Motorcycle with Complex Brushes


The application of brushes can be very different, from imitating smudges in painting up to the most unexpected effects. In this tutorial you will learn how to create complex brushes in Adobe Illustrator and how brushes work together to create some interesting effects

How to Create a Stylish Wireless Phone


In this tutorial you will learn how to make a great looking Wireless Phone. You will be using Offset Path and various gradients to create a three dimensional phone with realistic highlights and reflections

Interface Between Two Files Using the LocalConnection Class


In this tutorial we will use the AS3 LocalConnection class to send and receive data between two different SWF files. Today we will use this to detect mouse movement in one SWF and mirror it in another

Manipulating Particle Motion with Stardust Particle Engine – Part 1


The first part of this tutorial covers the basics of particle motion and gravitational fields. Also, it demonstrates how to create your own custom gravitational fields. The second part focuses on deflectors and how to create custom deflectors

Program A Fallout 3 “Pipboy” Touch Screen – Day 2


In Day 2 we’ll finish up the building of the pipboy screens. Then we’ll talk about how were going to transition between the first and second screen. We’ll animate and keyframe the layers. DON”T FORGET MOTION BLUR!!! Once we finally build the 2 screens and animate them, we’ll add some final detail to the screens

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Program A Fallout 3 “Pipboy” Touch Screen – Day 1


In Day 1 we’ll go over how to set up the shot to add a CG screen on a cell phone, GPS, or anything with a screen. It really looks cool when you do it on something portable though. We’re making a pipboy so we’ll go over how to mimick the pipboy look as far

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Put Together a Slick Mustang Assembly


Today we will create a cool reconstruction of a Mustang in 3D space with lights and a camera movement. This tutorial will show you how to animate the layers and generate an attractive, dynamic result

Quick Tip – Importing Edit Sequences Into AE


This is just a Quick Tip showing how you can save your NLE edits with the *.aaf format which After Effects will recognize. This tip would probably apply across the board with most NLE’s

Write a Material Renamer using Maxscript in 3Ds Max


Keeping your scenes organised can be a somewhat tedious task, so any tools that can be used to speed up and simplify the process can be very useful! In this tutorial, Benoit Staumont takes us through how to write a much-needed custom Material Renamer script, using Maxscript in 3Ds Max. The result is an incredibly

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Using Xplode to Shatter Objects in Cinema4D


In today’s tutorial, David Kwasnik takes us through the process of creating an amazing Cgtuts+ ident, using the Xplode plugin for C4D. This plugin allows you to very easily and quickly cut any object up into many different pieces, and in the following video David shows us how to art-direct the size of these pieces

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