How to Create an Open and Closed Zipper in Adobe Illustrator

In the following tutorial you will learn how to create a simple zipper illustration in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll be creating the starting shapes using the Rectangle Tool, the Pathfinder panel and some basic shape building techniques. Next, we’ll go on to adding the details using the Transform and the Drop Shadow effects along with some

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How to Utilize the Pattern Tool to Create a Pattern Brush in Illustrator CS6

One of my favorite new tools with Adobe Illustrator CS6 is the Pattern Tool. It’s great for creating complex seamless patterns in real time and gives you so many options. However it’s not so easy to create a Pattern Brush. Today’s Quick Tip tutorial is a bit of an experimental one, showing you how you

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Create a Futuristic Concept Car in Photoshop

In this video tutorial, Adnan Hadi will explain how to create a futuristic concept car using Photoshop. Let’s get started!

How to Create a Hollow Die in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial we will be learning how to create a stylized hollow 3D die. Instead of having usual dots on its surface we will create holes. Well not actual holes, but we will certainly make them look like holes. In the whole creating process there is something we shouldn’t forget – perspective. Perspective is

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How to Create a Set of Bubble Gum Buttons in Illustrator

In the following tutorial you will learn how to create a set of bubble gum inspired blog buttons by using Drop Shadows and the Appearance panel in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll go through each step and show you variations in the symbols and how to add text

Create a Fantasy Out the Door Wallpaper in Photoshop

Hey Guys, Here’s the first tutorial of 2.0. In this Photoshop Tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a Fantasy Wallpaper that can also be used for postcard printing using some stock images and some nice tricks

Create an Evil Queen in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will create the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves using digital painting techniques in Photoshop. Let’s get started!

Create a Mini Planet Using Photoshop’s 3D Capabilities

When most people think about Photoshop, they probably don’t think about 3D. What most people don’t realize, however, is that Photoshop CS5 Extended includes some powerful tools to help you render your artwork in 3D. In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to create a mini planet using Photoshop’s 3D capabilities. Let’s get started!

Create a Pimped Out Truck Using Photoshop and Point and Shoot Photos

Making modifications to your car or truck in Photoshop can be a lot of fun. In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to create a pimped out truck modification using photos taken with a simple point and shoot camera, with no advanced lighting setup. Let’s get started!

How to Illustrate a Vintage Stopwatch in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s tutorial, we are going to learn how to create a vintage stopwatch using basic shapes, Blends and Art Brushes in Adobe Illustrator. You’ll learn how to use a variety of Illustrator tools. So let’s get started!