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Modeling, Texturing, Shading and Rendering the iPhone in Maya

Hey all, as you know we recently wrapped up our iPhone 4S series for 3D Studio Max and today we’re kicking off a brand new one just for the Maya users. Shaun Keenan answered your call for a Maya version and put together a fantastic in-depth, beginner friendly tutorial where you’ll learn how to Model,

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How to Create an Ultra Glossy Flaming Ball in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to create a high gloss flaming ball using the Warp Settings, Blends and Transparency Panel in Adobe Illustrator CS5. The final image is scalable and can be used as an illustration or icon design. Let’s Begin!

Render a Toy in VRay

In this 1 hour video tutorial you will learn how to create some complex Vray materials and works with vray render elements. Also we will composite the final work with Photoshop. I have used a simple toy in this tutorial but I recommend you to watch it completely because I tried to show several techniques

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How to Illustrate a Super Cute Monster with Custom Brushes

Learn how to create a super cute vector illustration of a monster. This tutorial focuses on many aspects of drawing characters, lighting techniques, and unique brush creation that will help you in you future character projects. If you’re wanting to learn about expressive illustration with Adobe Illustrator, then this is a great intermediate level tutorial

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Use Photoshop CS6’s Tilt-Shift filter

Ben Secret explains an innovative approach to saturation and creates a miniature model village

Create a Brightly Colored Progress Bar Using Transparency Settings and the Appearance Panel

Learn how to create a simple yet eye catching progress bar using the Appearance Panel and Transparency Settings in Adobe Illustrator CS5. The final image is scalable and can be used for an animation or web design. Let’s Begin!

Revealing Nature’s Magnificence: Creating A Mushroom Macro Render

In this multi-part tutorial series you’ll learn to create a cool macro style render using 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and V-Ray. Throughout the series author Wassim Ouartsi will walk you through the entire process he used to create this fantastic image. In part two you’ll learn how to unwrap the mushroom mesh, paint the textures

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Breaking Objects in 3D Studio Max using PullDownIt

Besides being visually engaging, destroying objects in 3D is a ton of fun. Thanks to numerous advancements in tools and technology, it’s now easier (and cheaper) then ever to destroy stuff digitally. In today’s tutorial, Chandan Kumar will introduce you to “PullDownIt”, an up and coming dynamic based fracture plugin for 3D Studio Max and

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Texturing Tips & Tricks For New Artists

Today we’re following up last week’s Modeling Tips post with some equally awesome Texturing Tips from Shaun Keenan. Aimed at those new to texturing and uvmapping, these tips will help you build upon what you learned in the previous lessons while working your way to a better, more efficient workflow. Even experienced artist will benefit from the

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Aetuts+ Hollywood Movie Title Series – Priest

Today we’re going to be looking at the animation style of movie “Priest”. In this tutorial, we will work directly in After Effects to create the texture, light system, and camera animation using the Shatter plug-in. At the end of this tutorial, you can learn how to create and animate your own title with this fantastic style

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