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CSS Properties 3 – Fonts


A week has passed and I’m back with another insight which will help you in discovering the beauties of CSS. As promised, the third part explains everything there is to know about Fonts. There is obviously no need to stress the prominence of Fonts in terms of typography and web design, but before we begin

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DIY – Create Your Own White Box


In this tutorial we’ll be creating a White Box which will allow you to take awesome close up photos in a seamless “Matrix-like” space. There is plenty of information on the web on how to create a White Box so I don’t claim to have “come up with” this idea. All that’s important to me

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Create a Cool Smoking Text Effect using Fluid Mapping with Particle Flow


In this tutorial, you will model, light and texture some simple 3D text inside of 3dsmax. Then, using Particle Flow, the built-in particle system, along with the FumeFX plugin, you will simulate some convincing looking smoke to add a visual interest to your otherwise run of the mill 3D text

Workflow In Zaxwerks ProAnimator Part 2


In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use the Zaxwerks ProAnimator After Effects plug in to open an existing Zaxwerks project inside After Effects and use the Layer Maps feature to add animated texture maps and filter effects to a 3D model

Workflow In Zaxwerks ProAnimator Part 1


3D movies, 3D televisions, 3D on the desktop. Everything cool these days is in 3D! For an animator, there is no faster way to create professional 3D animation than with the Zaxwerks ProAnimator. Everyone’s heard of it, and in this 32 minute tutorial Rob Birnholz will teach the basics of how it works. This is

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