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Aetuts+ Hollywood Movie Title Series – Jonah Hex

Continuing our Aetuts+ Hollywood Movie Title Series, today’s tutorial will explain how to make the Jonah Hex – style flying logo. In this tutorial using Cinema 4D, we will model and animate the logo. Then in After Effects, by using presets and expressions, we’ll insert sparks, explosions, dust, fire and much more

Illuminate A Lovely Logo Light Reveal

Hey guys! In this tutorial we’re gonna show you how you can create a cool logo or text reveal with Trapcode Particular. This effect has endless possibilities, so I hope you enjoy the enjoy!

Put Out A Flamethrower Lookin’ Fire Using Particular

I think everyone has tried to create a realistic, organic flame at some point. Today, without using any difficult simulation software like Realflow or Maya Fluids, we’ll cover how to make a hot flame in AE using only Trapcode Particular!

Create a Beautifully Animated Faux 3D Flower Scene

In this tutorial you will learn how to create and animate a beautiful and fully animatable 3D flower that can be the star or simply a design element of any motion graphics piece

Let Your Logo Bleed Through Like An Ink Spill

Hey everyone! Today I’m gonna show you how you can create a cool looking basic ink bleed logo reveal. You can use this method for a photo, logo, text or just as a simple transition…. It’s up to you

Don’t Get Stranded In Wicked Heat Wave

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss an easy method for adding heat type distortion to an image using particles to drive the displacement rather than the more common method of Fractal Noise. Throw on some shorts and some sunblock… it’s gonna get hot in here!

Burst Through the Earth’s Surface In Style

This tutorial has three main parts. It covers the panorama background plate for the scene. It does NOT cover the rotoscoping of the actor (grrrr). Then, the jump is animated with Action Essentials II dirt footage composited in. Finally, the “camera move” effect is demonstrated from an intriguing zoom to epic wide angle!! Get your

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Polishing Treatment To Save For After Effects

In this tutorial we’ll go over the multitude of ways we can take our 3D renders from any program and spice them up in After Effects. If you’re like a lot of artists, you try to get your renders out of your 3D programs as quickly as possible. We’ll be looking at color correction, adding

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A Beautiful Ripple Using Form’s Audio React

In this tutorial we’re gonna show you how you can create an abstract audio reactant background with Trapcode Form and we will discover the advantages of Audio React

Fallout 3 V.A.T.S Shot – Day 3 of 3

Today we’ll finish the keyframe animation and final details. Color correction will breifly be covered as well