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Making Of The VideoHive Project File Over The Edge

This is a tutorial based on my VideoHive After Effects Template “Over The Edge“. I’ll Describe the process of rigging a simple mechanism that allows you to attach objects to Earth’s surface. This helps building the illusion we are moving forward while different, user defined elements, pass by

Hollywood Movie Title Series – Men In Black 3

Today we’ll be looking at the animation style of the movie Men in Black 3. To understand the true potential of using of the Element 3d inside of After Effects, we will use Cinema 4D both for the creation of a polygonal shape of the logo, but also for exporting the animated sequence of the camera

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How To Create The Look From The Iron Man Widget Promos

In this tutorial we are going to dive into creating the look and environment from the Iron Man promos you saw in our previous tutorials. We are going to use various techniques and lots of color grading, glows, lens effects and particles so we can put everything together and make it look cool. We are going to

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Aetuts+ Hollywood Movie Title Series – Priest

Today we’re going to be looking at the animation style of movie “Priest”. In this tutorial, we will work directly in After Effects to create the texture, light system, and camera animation using the Shatter plug-in. At the end of this tutorial, you can learn how to create and animate your own title with this fantastic style

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Grenade Throw

• Composite a super-slow motion grenade to live footage • Use 2D Tracking on a camera to match a nodal pan

Create Full 3d Reflections With Falloff Using Form or Particular

Ever wanted to create reflections with Trapcode Form or Trapcode Particular? Now you can! You’ll learn not only that, but also how to create falloff of transparency and blur, just like in a 3d application. To do this, you will be creating a Matte using the new lighting tools in Form and Particular 2. Enjoy!

Hollywood Movie Title Series – Sherlock Holmes

In today’s tutorial we’ll be making the Sherlock Holmes 2 intro title animation. In the first part, we’ll be inCinema 4d where we’ll create and animate the logo, lights and materials. From there, our second part will be spent in After Effects compositing all the elements we’ve created together and doing a final color correction pass to complete

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Captain Morgan-Style Smokey Text Reveal

This tutorial was inspired by the end of this Captain Morgan commercial. By combining a few different elements and the stroke plug-in you can create a smokey text reveal that can be used on many different kinds of projects

Soul Molecule Transitional Wipe

Hello everyone! Today We’re gonna create a really nice title opening with Trapcode Particular. Few days ago I saw this great promo by this talented gentleman named InlifeThrill and I thought this could be awesome as a tutorial so I tried to create a similar animation from scratch.This time we won’t use Optical flares but

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Gnarly Numeric Logo Reveal

Hello everyone! Today We’re gonna create a really nice number transition with Trapcode Form. This effects is quite cool because you can easily modify or change the characters to words, symbols, or shape layers..It’s up to you!