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Making of ‘Red Hulk’


One of the comic book and movie characters and that I have consistently followed is the Incredible Hulk. I’ve always wanted to make one that looked as real as the movies, but had the likeness of the comics. But because there are so many versions created by different artists already and an equal number of

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Amazing Obama 3D


This is a personal project that I’ve been planning for quite some time, and will be part of my demo-reel. Being aware of the amount of work ahead of me, the hours spent, and considering this will last for only a few seconds on the video, I decided to go ahead and model with all

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Sculpt a Lifelike High-Poly Rhinoceros in ZBrush


When creating an animal or character for use in a modern game engine, an essential part of the process is sculpting a high-poly mesh to be used for generating normal maps, ambient occlusion maps, and anything else that may be needed to make the final result look realistic. In this tutorial you will learn the

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An Intro to ZBrush: Sculpting the Lion of Belfort


In this tutorial you will follow Mehdi Pourshayegan through the process of sculpting the Lion of Belfort (as seen in his portfolio). You will go through the step by step process of creating the base mesh in 3ds Max (although any poly modeling application will work), exporting it to ZBrush, and then sculpting the final

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Model, Sculpt and Texture a Demon-like Monster in 3ds Max and ZBrush – Day 2


This is a multi-part tutorial on creating a Demon-like ‘Lok Warrior’ with realistic muscle anatomy. In the first day of this tutorial we created a base mesh for our character using poly modeling. Today we will take this mesh into ZBrush and sculpt intricate muscle anatomy. On day three we will texture the creature and

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