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Making Of Bronze Bust


This model was inspired by The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I got excited about the film and started a sketch. I tried to focus on the overall shape and the bronze shader, and forget about the deadlines of work. It was one study, without compromise, and working this way helps me to relax my routine

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Sculpting Clothing & Accessories For A Toon Soldier Character Using ZBrush


In today’s tutorial Shaun Keenan will take you through the process of sculpting clothing and accessories for a toon soldier character using Zbrush. This is a must watch for anyone interested in learning how to create detailed cloth or clothing for their characters. Over the course of this tutorial you’ll learn how to approach various

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Create a 3D Micro Robotic Insect in ZBrush


This week, Cgtuts+ has teamed up with our sister site Psdtuts+ to bring you this amazing two part, in-depth tutorial from Nacho Riesco. In this tutorial we are going to sculpt a Micro Bionic Insect with chemical war purposes using simple hard-surface modelling techniques with the Clipping Brush, Masking and much more. Head over to Psdtuts+ for the conclusion

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Making Of Fishman


I’ve always loved the mariners Blizzard made for Starcraft and this was my main inspiration when creating this image. I also like using a realistic cartoon style, so I thought to myself: how can I mix these elements and make the image funny

Making of Barbarian


This concept I started with this idea… more over time I have been modifying it to keep the style I wanted &#

Making of The Ubri


This was my creation process of making ‘The Ubri’ image with Zbrush 4. To understand this making of properly please follow the A,B,C etc in the images and explanation given in the text

Sculpt a Fantasy Mushroom Man in Pixologic ZBrush


The digital sculpting of compelling characters can be one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences in CG today. Due to the very powerful and feature-rich 3d applications used to create this type of art, however, it can also be one of the most daunting skills to learn. In this beginner/ intermediate level ZBrush tutorial,

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Quickly Texture a Human Head with Zapplink in ZBrush 3.5


One of the many great plugins provided by the good people over at Pixologic is the Zapplink. With its’ efficient and intuitive interface, and its’ “pick up and produce” functionality, it can be used to quickly achieve results in texturing that would otherwise be very difficult and time consuming to accomplish. In this tutorial, we

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Making of DinoMonster


Idea of a dinosaurized man comes from the movie. Difficult part was to give them all distinctive look, and still keep the visuals together

Making of Kid


I was looking for a character to do for my reel and so I started looking on the net. Normally I have no idea what I want so I just look in flickr or other photo sites for good images. I found the image  of “Roney“ which was taken by carf, HERE. And I really

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