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Quick Tip: MentalRay Proxies

In today’s quick tip, Dimitar Katerov will explain what proxy objects are, and how they can be used to render an insane amount of polygons in a single scene. If you’ve ever gone through the pain inducing task of trying to render a scene with a few hundred high-res tree models, then this quick tip

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Making of Say Cheese

“Say Cheese” is the first of five projects that I created for my final term at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects. The class was Creature Construction, taught by Alex Alvarez. We were given two weeks to go from finding a concept to presenting a work as close to production quality as possible. The first

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Creating Transforming Effects In Maya

Today new CgTuts+ author Omar Latif will give us an overview of how he created his transforming mobile phone ad using Autodesk Maya. This tutorial is a must read for anyone interested in learning how to create the always popular, transforming effect. Let’s have a look!

Quick Tip: Converting Vector Logos to 3D from Illustrator to Maya

In today’s Quick Tip tutorial, regular Cgtuts+ author Abed Ibrahim returns to show us how to export a 2D vector logo from Adobe Illustrator to Maya. Abed will then cover the process of converting the 2d vector into a fully 3d model. Let’s check it out!…

Quick Tip: Using Maya’s mia_roundcorners Shader

In this tutorial, Ivan Krushkov walks us through how to use Maya’s mia_roundcorners shader to add a bevelled look to the edges of your model at render-time! Let’s take a look…

Release Your Inner Chemist With Maya – Scene Setup

Today, Alan Monroig begins to walk us through his chemical mixing scene in the first part of this awesome Maya fluids tutorial. Today’s part covers modeling the objects needed and how to setup the initial fluid states, whilst part two goes on to complete the fluid animation itself and add some smoke to the scene.

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Making of Ganesha – God of Wisdom

I grew up in a simple family that was very devoutly religious. Ganesha was our main deity. Being an Indian I always knew that every religious function, festive celebration or holy or new endeavor began with the invocation of Ganesha, the god with the face of an elephant. So it is, as I now feel,

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Rigging a Cartoon Bottle using Maya

Animation can be a nightmare if you don’t have an easy to use, well-made rig to work with, and in this tutorial Donato Marotta shows us how to create just that using joints, locators, custom attributes, set driven keys, expressions and constraints in Maya!

Animating a Merry-Go-Round using Expressions in Maya 2009

Animating using expressions can be a big timesaver, especially when it comes to mechanical objects such as a merry-go-round! In this tutorial, Stephen Ko walks us through a simple expressions-based project, creating a simple UI with sliders to control the different parts of his model. Let’s get started!

Modelling a Luger P08 using Subdivision Surfaces in Maya – Day 2

In the second part of this 2-day, narrated timelapse tutorial, Sebastian Kim adds the final touches to the Luger P08 model. Created using Maya’s basic polygonal toolset, this model allows us to take a look at different hard surface subdivision modeling techniques – all of which play a huge part in today’s production environment