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How to Grow a Tree using DPit FX for Cinema4D

In today’s tutorial, AntwanFX shows us how you can use the incredible DPit FX plugin to grow your very own tree in Cinema 4D. Let’s get started!

Create a ‘Cybernetic Plant’ in Cinema4D

In today’s tutorial, Konstantin Muromtsev takes us through how he created his ‘Cybernetic Plant’ scene using the MoSpline/Spline-wrap technique in Cinema4D. After modeling, Konstantin then animates our robot plant using the Wind modifier, before setting everything up for the final render. Enjoy! To create this scene we will be using MoSpline, Spline Wrap and Cloner

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Create a Pulsar Star Inspired Digital Abstract Artwork

Combining abstract 3D elements with lighting effects is a great way to achieve great visual effects.  Several major art groups have released entire exhibitions on using similar techniques, using 3D Studio Max or Cinema4D in conjunction with Photoshop and Illustrator to create spectacular effects. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a pulsar star

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Futuristic Berserker Scene using 3D Techniques

Today we have one very complex and pretty hard tutorial. In this tutorial (I cant say Photoshop, because we will use not only this software) you will learn how to create futuristic Berserker scene. You know that you cant become a professional designer if you will use only one program, like Photoshop

Overview of The Foundry’s New “CameraTracker” Plug-in – Part 2

In Part 2 of the Tuts+ network’s look at the new CameraTracker plugin from The Foundry, Marc Leonard takes us through how to use data exported from After Effects to reconstruct the original 2D plate within Cinema 4D, allowing us to place new elements in true 3D space

Modeling and Rendering a Baseball Wall Title Spot

In this tutorial, Michael Szabo from Big Mike Design walks us through his recreation of the popular baseball wall title scenes that have been used to advertise baseball games this season. After modeling both manually and with the help of Mograph, Mike also covers proper rendering habits when moving into After Effects for compositing!

Using Xplode to Shatter Objects in Cinema4D

In today’s tutorial, David Kwasnik takes us through the process of creating an amazing Cgtuts+ ident, using the Xplode plugin for C4D. This plugin allows you to very easily and quickly cut any object up into many different pieces, and in the following video David shows us how to art-direct the size of these pieces

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Create Astonishing Nightclub Themed 3D Typography

3D graphics are often created using several applications. Today, we will use Photoshop, Illustrator, and Cinema 4D to create a stunning nightclub themed 3D composite. Let’s get started!

Create a Futuristic Airship Scene in C4D – Day 2

In the second part of this intermediate 2-day tutorial, Konstantin Muromtsev will be showing us how to finish up this futuristic aircraft scene using Cinema4D. After adding in the remaining ship, we’ll create the environment, add lighting, and make use of the Camera shader from MoGraph 2. Finally, we’ll then take a look at how

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Extending Your Set With Cinema 4D

Aluminum frames abound! In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to extend your background using a small portable green screen and a little help from Cinema 4D to create large virtual 3d buildings. This technique has endless options… enjoy!