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Low-Poly Paper Tree Creation & GI Baking in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial Aleksey Vozeneski will walk you through how to model a low poly tree in Cinema 4D and how to achieve that paper look that is becoming quite popular these days. He’ll then move on and show you how to bake Global Illumination, so that render times can be significantly reduced and your

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Making Of The Worm

This scene was created using Cinema 4D and was done as follows. Please note that the models shown are not the models in the final render

Creating A Stylish 3D Countdown Animation In Cinema 4D

In this tutorial we’re going to create a smooth, stylish countdown animation. You can use words, letters, logos or whatever you want to make this type of animation. As you can see it’s easy to set up and looks very stylish and attractive. NOTE: For the Global Illumination lighting I used the “HDRI Studio Light Kit

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Global Illumination Techniques In Cinema4D

Global Illumination can be a little confusing at first, but really helps in creating realistic, nice looking scenes. This Cinema4D tutorial by Cgtuts+ regular Konstantin Muromtsev will help you better understand Global Illumination by discussing various lighting techniques, as well as explaining some of the render settings needed to achieve a good result

Quick Tip: Create A Basic Render Setup Using Cinema4D

In today’s quick tip, new Cgtuts+ author Santiago Degetau will show new users how to create a basic render setup with lighting and Global Illumination in Cimema4D. Although there are a many ways to create a render setup, what we’ll be creating today is going to be very simple, but will be a good fist

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Quick Tip: C4D Power Of Presets

In today’s quick tip, new Cgtuts+ author Vaibhav Kotak will show you how to obtain access to the presets and examples inside Cinema4D using the content browser and some important things you should always keep in mind when going through projects and presets. In any program, presets are a huge asset. You can use presets

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Quick Tip: C4D Cappucino – Mocap For Your Mouse

This week’s quick tip is brought to us by regular CgTuts+ author Aleksey Voznesenski. Today Aleksey will show us how to use ‘Cappucino’, a simple mocap tool built into Cinema 4D that captures your mouse movements and records the positional data. Aleksey will then show us how to clean up this mocap data using the

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Create an Abstract Scene using C4D & AE – Scene Creation

Abstract scenes are fairly common these days, however there is no denying their usefulness when it comes to learning animating, rendering and compositing techniques. In this brand new, two-part tutorial, C4D artist Benoit Lavoie-Lamer shows us how to create a amazing-looking (yet strikingly simple) abstract scene, by first creating the scene in Cinema 4D and

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Model, Texture and Render a Freshly Picked Cherry in Cinema4D

In today’s tutorial, AntwanFX covers how to first model, then texture and finally light and render a freshly picked cherry in Cinema4D. Serving as a great introduction to a full workflow, this tutorial is highly recommended for anyone switching to Cinema from a different app, or just starting out in 3D. Let’s take a look…

Learn How to Control MoSplines in Cinema4D

In today’s tutorial, Dogocan Bilgili walks us through how to take advantage of the MoSpline module in Cinema4D to add animated curves to your projects. Let’s take a look!