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Rendering Objects using Vray


This video tutorial is created by artist Giorgio Luciano in 3ds max using Vray. Giorgio live and dream in Genova and was born in 1975 (Gemini). Love art, reading, drawing and the smell of the place where live after the rain. This tutorial will cover the caustics, reflection, GI in a scene

Interior Lighting by using Mental Ray


This video tutorial is created by artist Mahmoud Keshta in 3ds max by using Mental Ray. In this 12 minutes video tutorial (without sound) will explain you how to use Sunlight, Skylight in the daylight interior scene and render through mental ray. After rendering in 3ds max, Mahmoud will show you the color correction in

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Model a Stylish Eames Lounge Chair In 3ds Max


In this tutorial we are going to model a 20th century design legend, the Eames Lounge Chair. The reason I chose this particular object are its different shapes and forms. It has both soft, organic pillows (with wrinkles) and a hard, defined structure that holds it all together, making it an excellent way to learn how

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Modeling A High Poly Fantasy Inspired Axe In 3D Studio Max


In this tutorial we are going to create a very cool stylized axe model completely inside 3D Studio Max. We are going to use different modelling techniques and primitive objects to create the model as well as some interesting positioning tricks to arrange some of the model’s elements

Creating Stained Glass Using Advanced Transparency In 3D Studio Max


In today’s quick tip tutorial, Chandan Kumar will be showing you how to use 3ds Max’s advanced transparency material options to project a stain glass window image into a scene. This is an often overlooked but powerful feature of 3D Studio Max that can be used to create all kinds of interesting effects. Click through

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Stylizing Toons – Concept and Modeling


I am really glad to be invited to create this tutorial. Cartoon characters are by far my favorite subject, so it is a pleasure to write this for you. More than writing a step by step tutorial my objective is to teach you a process in which you can contribute with your own creativity and

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Making Of Makes Me Fly


Hi, my name is Adrien Castel and I’m a 3D generalist at a studio based near Bordeaux in France. I made this illustration for my girlfriend. She’s the kind of girl who makes you want to become someone better so that’s why the idea was that she makes my fly!

Making Of Fishman


I’ve always loved the mariners Blizzard made for Starcraft and this was my main inspiration when creating this image. I also like using a realistic cartoon style, so I thought to myself: how can I mix these elements and make the image funny

Create A Beautiful 3D Text Composition


In this tutorial, Joe Moore will teach you step by step how to render beautiful and visually sharp 3d text in 3D Studio Max, render it using Mental Ray, and then combine it with additional visual elements to create an atmospheric, nature inspired 3D text composition using Photoshop.  If you don’t have 3D Studio Max,

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Create A Realistic Candle & Flame In 3D Studio Max


In this tutorial, regular author Chandan Kumar will show you how to create a realistic candle and flame in 3d Studio Max. The candle’s flame will be made entirely in 3dsmax using built-in tools, rather then expensive third-party plugins! Let’s take a look!