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PacMan baddies with Inkscape

It’s a long time since I have in mind this PacMan baddies (bad guys and bad girls from the Pac-Man game, called “ghosts” in the game) tutorial, since I made months ago a silly cartoon dedicated to the Fedora Games spin. Indeed, the idea is that old, I delayed the writing because it didn’t feel

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Create a Vector Compass

You’ll need to have a vector editing software like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator. Since I don’t have Illustrator, I’ll be showing you this tutorial in Inkscape because Inkscape is free!

Creating a Coffee Cup with Inkscape

Inkscape is an open source alternative to Adobe Illustrator and other programs for creating vector graphics. In this first Inkscape tutorial for VECTORTUTS, we’ll create a beautiful coffee cup and show off some of Inkscape’s features. We’ll mostly be drawing shapes and using the Gradient Tool to accomplish the desired effect. If you’re familiar with

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