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How to Create a Cartoon Rocketship

This Quick Tip will teach you how to create a cartoon rocket ship with some nice lighting using only basic shapes like rectangles, circles and a triangle. This is a step-by-step tutorial for beginners. The icons from the inkscape toolbar are added to the images to make it easier to find the tool and function

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How To Create a Jeweled Butterfly In Inkscape

Today we’ll create a sparkling jeweled butterfly that will shine without using any gradients. We’ll use various path operations and the powerful extension “pattern along path” to reproduce shimmering gold. If you’re an Inkscape user, then follow along with this tutorial

Use Inkscape to Create a Grunge RSS Box Icon

How to create an Icon using new features of Inkscape 0.47, such as: gradients, blur, path effects, and mask on texture layer. We’ll be walking through every step involved in creating this grungy RSS feed icon box. There is some great vector material in this tutorial!

Create a Realistic Candle in Inkscape

Discover how to draw complex shadows, highlights, and even flames in Inskscape. We’ll be using gradients, blurs, and clipping to simulate the effect of Illustrator’s gradient mesh in Inkscape. Let’s jump into this tutorial!

How to Create a Vector Light Bulb Icon with Inkscape

Today we’ll be learning how to create a vector light bulb icon with the free, open source vector program Inkscape. We’ll be following a Tango style of design for this project. Read on to learn more about the Tango Desktop Project and to learn how to create this icon

Draw A Realistic Vector Guitar in Inkscape

This tutorial will go over the techniques used to draw a realistic guitar from scratch using the free vector program Inkscape. To complete this tutorial, you should already have a basic knowledge of vector tools, such as: the Pen tool, Edit Path Nodes tools, and you should be familiar with the Fill and Stroke toolbox.

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Create a RPG map element with Inkscape

This is not exactly a tutorial, is more a “‘how it’s made” (or “making of”), the steps below are an illustration of my Inkscape workflow used to create the clipart set, I won’t pretend this is the best process, or even a good or simple process, is exactly that: an illustration of my own workflow.

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Postage stamps with Inkscape

In this easy tutorial we will learn to create postage stamps using Inkscape

Create a Snail

For this tutorial, you are going to create a snail from scratch. You will learn how to use gradients and how to draw Bezier curves and straight lines

Illustrate A Peacock

In this tutorial, we would do a walkthrough of illustrating a vector artwork of a peacock. Much of the techniques mentioned in the other peacock tutorials here would be used