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Forever Blowing Bubbles With the FLiNT Particle Engine

In the tutorial, we will learn how to create a dynamic, bubbling photo displayer using the FLiNT particle engine and flash

MovieClip Reconstruction with the SharedObject Class

During this tutorial, we will learn how to implement the SharedObject class. We’ll store all the essential data of a MovieClip locally, then reload it next time the application is opened!

Quick Tip: Understanding Garbage Collection in AS3

Have you ever used a flash application and noticed lag in it? Still don’t know why that cool flash game runs slowly on your computer? If you want to know more about a possible cause of it, then this article is for you

Quick Tip: Using Google App Engine as a Proxy Server

Google App Engine can be used as a free and convenient way around restrictive or missing cross domain policy files. This tutorial will show you how to create a GAE proxy that provides access to restricted resources for your Flash application

Throw Objects by Creating a PanAndThrow Class

In this tutorial we will be mocking up and finishing a pan and throw class that will allow us to add this effect to any element we want. To accomplish this, we will create a image viewer – but not your average viewer. Here we’ll have zooming, throwing, panning.. Almost sounds like a ninja app,

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